1. Easy to use & operate

2. Unparalleled productivity

3. Best in class print quality

Easy to use & operate

Designed with the modern machine shop in mind, the Shop System is built to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Produce parts with superior surface finish and resolution versus laser-based 3D printing systems at a fraction of the cost.

  • Optimized powders & parameters
    Get started quickly with a turnkey, end-to-end 3D printing solution. The Shop System features Desktop Metal-engineered powders and processing parameters, optimized to deliver exceptional part quality and ensure part-to-part repeatability.
  • Simplified post-processing
    Parts on the Shop System print fully supported in their powder bed, and feature hand-removable sintering setters. Avoid hours of labor machining off support structures typical to laser-based 3D printing systems and instead achieve customer-ready, near-net-shape parts right out of the furnace.
  • Affordable turnkey solution

    The Shop System contains all the equipment your machine shop needs to begin binder jetting — from print through sintering. And with a range of build volume configurations (4L, 8L, 12L, and 16L), the Shop System is designed to scale to your shop’s throughput.

Unparalleled productivity

Use 3D printing to amplify your shop’s output. Effortlessly print end-use metal parts with the quality, surface finish and tolerances required to co-exist with machining.

  • 10x the speed
    With a high-speed, single-pass print engine, the Shop System produces high-quality metal parts at up to 10x the speed of laser powder bed fusion systems meaning you can 3D print up to hundreds or thousands of metal parts per day.
  • Flexible batch jobs
    The Shop System is a tooling-free manufacturing process. Change over to a new job at the press of a button and process multiple complex jobs without the need for custom setups.
  • Print a build per shift
    Average cycle times of 6-12 hours enable a new build every shift.² With the ability to 3D print tens to hundreds of near-net shape parts each day, you can reserve machinist hours for refining critical features.

Best in class print quality

Print customer-ready, high-resolution parts with incredibly fine feature detail. Achieve surface finishes as low as 4µm Ra out of the furnace. The Shop System produces dense, solid parts, no debind or infill required.

  • High-resolution printing
    The Shop System features the highest resolution single-pass binder jetting system on the market. With 1600×1600 DPI native (33% higher resolution than comparable systems), and over 670M drops per second, the Shop Systemdelivers high-speed, high-resolution 3D printing.
  • Adaptive print engine
    Adaptive print engine Users don’t have to sacrifice feature detail or resolution for speed. Employing a 1.2 pL droplet size and automated drop multiplexing up to 6 pL, the Shop System achieves superior surface finish, bleed control and rich feature detail at high speed.
  • 5x print redundancy
    To avoid jet-outs and print issues the Shop System features 70,000-plus nozzles spread across five rows. The printhead features 25% higher nozzle redundancy than comparable 3D printing systems, resulting in enhanced print quality and reliability.


The Shop System introduces high quality binder jetting to an entirely new market of machine shops. Shops can now cost effectively 3D print end use metal parts with unparalleled speed and productivity.