3D-Micron provides in-situ monitoring technology for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. Independent of machine and materials, 3D-Micron’s intelligent technology can be easily incorporated in existing and newly developed AM equipment.​ Part anomalies formed during the build process are difficult and costly for post build detection and repair. 

Our monitoring technology detects anomalies during the build process and provides notifications to the users within seconds of layer formation.​​ 3D-Micron is committed to fulfill the need for a robust real-time defect detection for the rapidly growing 3D Printing market. 

As such, 3D-Micron’s open policy allows different machine manufacturers, sensor providers, and software companies to easily integrate our technology to provide even more value to the end user.

With the best range of commercial 3D-Micron printing technologies, we deliver a perfect combination of 3D printing, materials and application expertise. We help the best organizations in the world to make things better with 3D printing. In fact, we have more than 140,000 installations around the world. Through our 3D printing systems, quality materials, cloud-connected software, and service offerings, we help digitally transform the entire product development and manufacturing value chain.

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